GeoDuck X5 Micro Pill Review


I figured an investigation into these GeoDuck X5 micro pills (tablets) was in order after receiving a colorful brochure in the mail about them today.

geoduck xs review imageIs GeoDuck Real?

There’s no doubt that there is in fact a clam called Geoduck.  You can read all about it over on Wikipedia.  Interesting stuff.

What is in doubt is whether or not this company ( Landmark Research and Development ) has captured the essence of what they say they have.

Any Truth To These Micro Pills?

Now I’ll tell you up front (after doing product reviews for many years) that claims such as this are highly suspect, so you can often save a lot of your hard earned money by digging into the “facts” as proclaimed by these (oftentimes) hucksters.

Is Landmark Research and Development A Real Company?

It doesn’t take anything but a quick internet search to find out that you can find nothing (and I mean nothing) regarding a company by this name – nor their so called Doctor by the name of Dr. Leonard Chamberlain.

Landmark’s Address

The address provided on the return envelope looked familiar so I did some digging in past product reviews on this website and others.

Interestingly enough I found some other “amazing products” being sold from other addresses in South Portland Maine.

See the reviews about Tigra male enhancement, and Extreme FX I did and be sure to read the comments at the end of those articles from guys who got scammed.

Do These Pills Work?

I can’t say for sure if these “micro – tablets” will work instantly  or in Less Than 3 Minutes as the promotional material claims because I have not tried them – and I won’t be sending this (apparently) fictional company any of my hard earned money either.

What I can tell you is that I have yet to see anything that works that fast.  If these “all natural male enhancement pills” are everything they are claimed to be we’ll be seeing lots of comments to that fact soon enough.

What I won’t be surprised to see is many comments appearing right under this post as to how they don’t work – or even that people who did order never received their product.   Time will tell.

Anything Natural You Can Trust?

I recently updated the “scam and recall list” for products promoted as safe and natural.  Take a look.  If those facts don’t scare you then nothing will and I wish you the best.

I always recommend that folks deal with a proven and trustworthy product and company when looking for an all natural libido booster.

The two products that I have used successfully are Provacyl and VigrxPlus They are more expensive than a lot of other products of this nature, but I can tell you from personal experience that they do in fact work.

NOTE: For a limited time you can use coupon code (ADDPSP)  or (ADDEXT)  when purchasing any of the above two products and get some additional natural male enhancement product for free.

I put a banner for Vigrx just below – click on it and check it out – they have lots of testimonials from happy users – they have a generous money back guarantee if you find it doesn’t work for you either.

Good Luck out there.

All the best.

Victor Mayfield

Does Yang Max Male Enhancement Work? Testimonials?


I received a flyer in the mail for a “new” male enhancer called Yang Max.  After a bit of research I discovered that it isn’t all that “new”.

yangmax male enhancer image

We are still looking for some real testimonials about Yang Max.

YangMax Testimonials ?

I couldn’t find even one “real” testimonial about this product.  Even the main website/company that sells it (called Worldwide Herbals – doesn’t have any.  The best I can say about that is – at least they didn’t make some up – unlike many other companies out there.

Does Yang Max Work?

There’s no way for me to tell if this product works as described.  They tout the benefits of Cordyceps which I have written about previously – as they were part of the ingredients of another product that turned out to not work for anyone who tried it.

Can anyone provide some information?  Is this a legitimate company? etc…

Please comment below.

All the best,


Victor M.

Update: December 2014 – No comments yet.

p.s. Give your best performance in the bedroom with the help of some top-selling male enhancement pills from Top Male Enhancers.

Rexbull Pills Review


The Rexbull promotions keep coming in the mail – they lie so much – Here’s my review of this bogus male enhancement product promotion.

rexbull pills image

Rexbull says Taurine is their secret ingredient.

Has Rexbull Changed?

I wrote a review about these REXBULL male enhancement pills over two years ago (on another site of mine) and received dozens of negative comments about the company.  Check out the Rexbull complaints and comments – Click Here.

Rexbull Ingredients

From the original promotion where they didn’t even mention what was in the pills (except for Taurine) the newest promotion does list other “special ingredients”.

I’m not sure if this new formula will work for anyone – maybe it will, but this company has been scamming guys out of their hard earned money for years now.

Rexbull Address

These guys have changed their address.  The new one is PO Box 10570 in New Brunswick New Jersey.  The old one was: 798 Woodlane Road, Suite 10, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060-2300.

If this product is so good why change the address?  Are they hiding something?  The “1-800″ number to order the product is the same though.  Hmmmm

30 Seconds To Glorious Manhood?

Rexbull review bottle image

Rexbull has changed the label on the product.

It’s amazing that they keep claiming this – it must help them sell (or scam people out of their money) more product.  Does anyone reading this actually believe it could be true?  Really?

Rexbull Claims

I’m not going to go into all of the other wild claims and lies in the promotional literature.  If you are reading this you can see for yourself.

Can You Trust Rexbull?

After two years of comments and complaints about this product and company I sure wouldn’t buy anything from them.  I certainly wouldn’t even expect to get any product in the mail.

Here’s the link to the Rexbull comments section on my other site again.

Does Anything Work?

There are some good all natural male enhancement products available.  I advertise them right on this site.  Everyone that I recommend is a company (and product) that you can trust.

Male Extra has a good product. Take some time to visit the site and see if they have something that will help you get what you want.

Good Luck Out There.


Victor Mayfield


p.s You may be able to enhance your erection quality, arousal and performance with Male Enhancement Products

HTL Male Enhancement Review


I received a promotion for HTL male enhancement pills from Enhance Magazine For Men in the mail – figured a review was in order.

HTL and Performance Health Solutions

HTL and Performance Health Solutions image

I could find very little of truth in this little Enhance Magazine For Men

The first thing that struck me funny when looking over the promotion for these pills is that on the front cover of the “magazine” that promotes these “all natural libido pills” is that it says “Doctor fed up with internet scams releases HTL”

It’s Funny

The reason this is funny to me is that this Doctor G is not a real doctor.

The literature goes on and on about “honesty” and “integrity” and “treating people right”, etc. etc., but as far as I can tell this is just a senior aged male model in a lab coat.  That’s right.

If this guy was a real doctor why don’t they tell you his last name?  If you do an internet search for “Doctor G + anything related to this company or product” you won’t come up with anything.

Dr. Martha Grimes Sex Therapist

The same thing goes for this lady “doctor”.  Do an internet search yourself… she doesn’t exist.

Performance Health Solutions?

No business listing anywhere for a company by this name.  The address on the return envelope says PO Box 247, Scarborough, ME.  The interesting thing is that one of the biggest scams that I ever wrote about (over two years ago) was for a “sex magnet” called Magnasex – that one was out of Scarborough Maine too.  

HTL Phone Number

Here’s the “order line” phone number.  888-728-7258  I have a feeling I’m going to get a lot of emails from people looking for it.  It happens a lot with companies that promote like this.  Check out the comments (at the end of my review) regarding a product called Penestra as well as Extreme Fx 

The only thing people can find on the internet about a product (when they are looking for an order that they never received – or are looking to get their money back) is what I have to say about it, but by the time they find me it is too often too late.

A Triple Helix

These guys go on and on about Helix 3 – or The Triple Helix.  Now I’m no chemist, such a thing probably exists, and it sounds real good, (Wikipedia has something about it Here) but with all the lies these guys are telling so far I’m not believing anything they say at this point.

London Daily Review?

Supposedly there’s this guy named Robert Meyer who writes for the “London Daily Review”. Now that sounds like a legitimate magazine/newspaper.  Let’s do an internet search….  You probably guessed by now that neither of them exist!

Russian Urologist?

How about this doctor named Yuri Chekov?  Bingo!  Nothing.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

They Do Get One Thing Right

In the promotional literature they mention “dubious overseas factories” and for sure this is the truth.  I’ve written about recalls on natural male enhancement products in the past.  See Here.

It is true that you never know what you are getting if a product like this is made overseas – but at this point I sure can’t trust that this HTL stuff isn’t either… based on the untruths they’ve told me so far.

Increase Your Length and Width?

Wild claims here, just like every other dubious promotion out there.

HTL Ingredients

The ingredients mentioned are similar to many “all natural male enhancers”, nothing special there.  Maybe they will help you – maybe they won’t.

Does It Work?

I’m not saying that HTL won’t do something for you.  It may increase your libido – it may not.  After all, nothing works for everyone. If anyone deals with this company and actually gets what they ordered I’d like to here from you in the comments below.

Am I Wrong?

If I am wrong about any of this I’d like to hear about it.  Make a comment below.

What Works?

There are in fact some all natural male enhancement products that work for most of the guys who take them.  They are advertised right on this site.  The first one you should check out and see if it’s right for you is VigRx Plus – Click Here, then check out Zenerex or even Semenax (scroll to the bottom of the page).

I have thoroughly vetted all of them – if you don’t like the products I recommend you won’t have any trouble getting your money back.

Do Your Homework

Check out the legitimate products I am recommending.  (and read about some of the other scams going around – Click Here to read about the Rexbull scam)

See if they are something that you feel might help you get what you want.  My experience says that HTL is shady at best.   They don’t even have a website and they hide behind a P.O. Box – do you really think you’ll get your money back?  Really?

Good Luck Out There

Victor Mayfield

Pro-Max Mints For Male Enhancement?


I figured I should take a look at what Pro – Max says these male enhancement mints will do and see if there are any real testimonials.  Plus I wanted to check out the company selling them.

Pro-Max Mints Review

promax mints image

Here’s a picture of the ProMax Mints from a website that sells them.
The whole thing seems a bit shady to me.

Whenever I get a solicitation in the mail that says “sexually oriented ad” on the outside of the envelope my curiousity is peaked and I have to take a look and see what (potential) scam is now being perpetrated upon the masses.

The Advertising

This advertisement for Pro Max mints is much like most of the male enhancent miracle junk mail I get.  Enough graphic pictures to get your attention and all kinds of wild claims promising you’ll get “to the moon” in a very short time if only you will take these latest and greatest miracle pill.

A Chewable?

This is the first I’ve seen of a chewable tablet that I can take to get my libido raging in “just two short minutes”.  I done reviews on Patches, Potions, Pills, and more – but this one has to take the cake.  Maybe I should buy some right away!

natural aphrodisiac picture

There are natural things that people believe boosts their libido, but I’m not sure that Pro-Max mints is one of them.

Let’s Get Real

They say that “8 safe and powerful ‘potency agents’ ” are in these mints and that they are a unique blend of powerful libido boosters..  Typical.  Have you seen the stories of the guys that were importing Sildenifil (viagra) and putting it into an “all natural” male enhancement pill?  Check that story out Here.

Can You Trust Them?

Whenever I check out a company I start by doing an internet search.  Here’s some of what I found.

  • The company is not Better Business Bureau rated.  (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • There are no legitimate looking testimonials that I found.
  • There are other products similar in name and nature. (is this a new name for an old product?)
  • The company does not have a website.
  • These are incredibly expensive for an unproven product.
  • There is a website at that is selling them for less than what is advertised in the flyer I received.  Looks kinda sketchy in my opinion.  I wouldn’t order from that website.

I couldn’t find anything on the internet that says I can trust this company or the guy Marcus Sargent who is noted in the flyer as the guy behind the product.  Just a 1-800 number to order the product, and an address which is: 511 Avenue of the Americas, #607, New York, NY  10011.  The guarantee looks pretty empty too.

If anyone has experience with the ProMax Mints company – or has used the product with good (or bad) results, I’d like to hear about it in the comments down below.


Victor Mayfield

What Works?

There are a few all natural male enhancement products that have stood the test of time and that many men get good results from.  One of them is Male Extra from Impact Five.

Check it out and see if you feel it might be right for you by Clicking This Link.

Trinoxid Review – Truthful Male Enhancement?


It’s hard for me to even try and explain just how bad this Trinoxid male enhancement product promotion is, but I will try – in as few words as possible.

Trinoxid Male Enhancement Review

Trinoxid pills bottle image

The male libido is an interesting thing.

I get a lot of these types of promotions in the mail, after all, I’m a guy in his mid 40’s and have tried various kinds of all natural male pills over the last few years so I’m on a lot of mailing lists I suppose.

Sometimes I find a product that actually works – most of the time what I find is that these male product promoters are only out to scam or fleece the unwitting.  That’s why I write these reviews.

Check out all of the people who have been scammed in the “comments” section after each article Here and here.  I could list ten more, but if you take a look you’ll get the idea.

Trinoxid Phone Number And Address

Before I get ahead of myself I want to list the address and phone number for these guys because it seems that a day doesn’t go by that I don’t get an email or a comment from someone looking for the pertinent information on a particular company because either they didn’t get their order, want to return the product because it doesn’t work, or the company keeps billing their credit card and they want them to stop – so here they are.  Phone # = 800-818-7208  – Address: 2251 N. Rampart Blvd. Suite 707, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Trinoxid Claims

Below are just some of the ridiculous claims these guys make about their product.

  • Desire – Do it 6 times a day!  (is that even possible for 99% of the men in this world?)
  • Unlock your pheremones.  (really?  with a pill – yeah right)
  • 3 inches longer and 23.5% thicker in just 30 days.  (now I really have heard it all)
  • The only thing that really works.  (lots of different products work for different guys)


Reading the testimonials that Trinoxid lists in their full color multi page p**rn promotional literature is like reading professionally written greeting cards.  If these testimonials aren’t made up I’d be very surprised.

Dr. Susan Susman?

I always like to check out the “expert” that these scammy product promoters put forth as their witness to the great efficacy of their product.

Usually I don’t find anyone with that name and in this case these guys don’t disappoint - I could not find a Dr. Susan Susman sex therapist to the stars listed anywhere online even after a lengthy internet search.

Besides… in the promotional literature they put a picture of a guy dressed in doctor’s clothes next to “Dr. Susan’s” testimonial.  Sheesh.  Gimme a break already!

Does Trinoxid Work?

After looking over 32 full color pages of the most graphic male enhancement product promotion I have received in a long long time I can tell you in my personal opinion from years of doing these product reviews that I have no idea if Trinoxid will work for you.

What I can tell you is this.

  • This company does not have a website as of this writing – March 2014.  Who does business without a website anymore? Check out my review on HTL too. Same kind of thing.
  • The company’s “experts” don’t exist as far as I can tell.
  • They have a “Guarantee” listed – but if you look closely they don’t say you can return the product for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.  Most of the time these companies will tell you that they product has to be in the original packaging and give you all kinds of run around if you want to get your money back.

Is There A Product That Actually Works?

I have found a couple of products and companies that actually do what they say for the majority of guys  – and if they don’t the guys don’t have any trouble getting their money back even after a couple of months or more.

The main product that I recommend is Vigrx Plus. (more expensive than most – but worth it)

You could also check out Zenerx by clicking the banner over there on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I put a banner down below that you can click on and check  out  Vigrx and see if you feel that this might be a good all natural male enhancement product for you.

Good Luck out there,

Victor Mayfield

Warning- Low T Prescriptions Risk


In another blow to the prescription drug cartels it has recently been found that these new testosterone boosters by prescription (including the gels and lotions) increase a man’s heart attack and stroke risk by a huge margin.

low t and heart attacks image

Low T Prescriptions Increase Your Risk For A Heart Attack

Below is a snippet of an article published February 4, 2014 on Yahoo Health:

In the latest study, published in the journal PLOS ONE and funded by the National Institutes of Health, researchers report that within 90 days, taking the hormone can more than double heart attack risk in men ages 65 and up—as well as nearly triple risk in younger men with known heart disease.

A November, 2013 study published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported a 30 percent rise in risk for stroke, heart attack, and death in men age 60 and older who had been prescribed testosterone, compared to those who not.

It turns out that just blindly following your doctor’s advice can be bad for your health (and your life!).

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a prescription drug or an all natural supplement it always pays to do your homework.

If you are looking for an all natural supplement to improve your testosterone levels check out my own personal review of Provacyl.

Good Luck out there,

Victor Mayfield

TIGRA Male Enhancement – What A Farce – Review


Apparently one of the latest and greatest herbal aphrodisiacs is called TIGRA.  Let me tell you what I see that is wrong with this company.

Tigra Male Enhancement Review

Whenever I get one of these male libido pill promotions in the mail I like to check out what the company states as facts in their literature.

What I found is that there is absolutely nothing in the product promotion of Tigra that I could verify.

Carlson-Wagner Research Institute?

One would think that a “Research Institute” that has been around for at least 40 years (as stated in the mailing I received) would show up when doing an internet search.  As far as I could find the place does not exist.  Even when doing a local internet search in the Portland Maine area.  Sheesh.

Doctor Maxwell Irons?

There is a picture of a “Doctor” by the name of Maxwell Irons on one of the pages.  I could find no doctor with that name after an extensive internet search.  They claim he has worked at the above noted “institute” for 40 years!  What a joke.

Tigra Ingredients

What they tell me in the mailing that I received is that they would be foolish to tell me what the product is actually made of because their competitors would steal the formula.  What a joke.  If I was a competitor I’d just order a bottle and look at the label.

I did find some info about Tigra Ingredients on some other websites, but nothing matched up between them.  One says one thing and another says another.  Makes me wonder.  It also gives me more reason to not trust this product.

Tigra Phone Number

There is a phone number listed in the literature.  It is 1-855-812-0963.  It’s just an order line.  I am publishing it here because so many people ask me for the phone numbers of these types of companies when they try and get their money back when the product doesn’t work.

Many times I hear from guys (after they read my reviews) looking for contact info on these scam type promotional companies because they never even received the product after they ordered!

Take a look at the comments below these review articles Here, and Here.  That last link is to a review I did on a product called Extreme FX.  Their address is also in South Portland, ME (Maine)  just like Tigra.  

Should You Buy Tigra Male Enhancement?

I won’t even go into the claims that this product will add 4+ inches to my manhood.  Sheesh.  Maybe they get away with saying stuff like that because if they ever get taken to court they can claim that “that is from a flaccid state”.  Okay buddy – lets go with that.

If Tigra Isn’t Any Good – Is There Something That Is?

I always advise to do business with a company that you can trust.  How does one know?  Well… if you can’t check out their claims (like I just did with Tigra) then don’t do business with them.

It’s also better to do business with companies that have been around for at least a few years and have lots of happy customers.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust I advise you check out Zenerx.

I put a banner down below.  Just click on it and you’ll be take to their site.

Take Care Out There,

Victor Mayfield

Safe Natural Libido Enhancement for Men. Satisfaction Guaranteed. CLICK HERE!

Penestra Male Libido Pills Review


I’ve been meaning to do this Penestra male enhancement pills review for some time now – so here it is.

I received a full color “Mens Digest” magazine in the mail one day (it came in a plastic wrapper) and I set it aside thinking it was for some sort of new vitamin or something.  Just another piece of junk mail I thought, (and it was).

dave cummings image from Wikipedia

Dave Cummings is the only one and only thing that I could find that was true regarding the claims made in the pages of that XXX rated brochure I received in the mail.

What Is Penestra?

It turns out this brochure was full of naked men and women.  Many pictures of different people in different positions doing the hoochie coochie – if you know what I mean.

The “world’s oldest porn star” – a guy by the name of Dave Cummings is promoting Penestra as the latest greatest libido and low-t booster.

Is Anything In This Brochure True?

The only thing I could dig up that’s true on all of the outrageous claims being made in the brochure is that this guy Dave Cummings actually exists.

Dr. Renee Masch – Who’s That?

The doctor that they use in the promotion of this product does not exist. Period.

There is nothing on the entire internet that I could find on anyone with this name.  Look him up for yourself.  The only thing you’ll likely come up with is a link right back to the article you are reading right now, because as of now (January 2014) I am the only one mentioning him online.

Can You Believe It?

If the good doctor mentioned above doesn’t exist can you believe anything this company is telling you?  In my experience you can’t.

Is Penestra A Scam?

It’s too soon to say (as of January 2014) that this is another male enhancement pill scam like many I have noted on this website.  See Here, Here, and Here – (just be sure to read the comments at the end of the articles) – There’s another scam going on by a company that sells Rexbull, that one takes the cake, and you can read all of the comments at the end of my review over on my other website Here.

They also seem to be connected in some way to the Pro-Max Mints product, another shady looking “libido booster”, but I have not confirmed that.

Does Penestra Have A Website? Or An Address?

Look – This company doesn’t even have a website to sell the product.  As a matter of fact I couldn’t even find an address to order the product – There’s none listed in the brochure even though there is an order form to fill out.

Just a 1-800 number to call. I wonder if anyone who orders even receives anything?

Can You Trust This Product?

I certainly don’t trust anything being said by these guys.  I can’t find out anything about them.  When calling the 800 number the nice gal couldn’t tell me either.  She was just reading a script.

As far as I know this is just a bottle of pills with a label on it.  If I ordered (and actually received something) I am quite sure – from my own personal experience, and from the many hundreds of other guys who have commented on this site about other product promotions like this – I am pretty sure there would be no one there to honor the one year guarantee as stated in the brochure.  (remember – no address listed to return the product to)

Who Can You Trust?

Maybe time will tell that you can trust Penestra, (it hasn’t so far – see the comments below) but for now I am staying away from it.  You can do what you want of course – and if you order it and it works (or not) I would appreciate a comment down below, (and so would a lot of other guys who are wondering).

Deal With A Proven Company

- What You Really Want –

There are of course companies that sell male enhancement products that have been around a long time and have products that actually work for many if not most of the guys who try them. (nothing works for everyone)  That’s why you should deal with a proven product and legitimate company that you can research online.

Check Out Vigrx Plus

- The Thing You Need -

One product that I can sincerely recommend that is helpful for many guys is the all natural Vigrx Plus.  I put a banner down below that you can click on that will take you right to their website and you can check it out and see if it is something that you feel might work for you too.

Take Care Out There,

Victor Mayfield

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MaxCord 3 Male Enhancement Micro Pills – Not Sure You Can Trust This Company


Just received this MaxCord 3 male enhancement solicitation in the mail.  I thought it looked familiar, and it was.  It’s the exact same promotion for another product I did a review on called CordyCeps Micro Pill.

Is MaxCord 3 Actually CordyCeps Micro Pills?

It appears that the original name of the product didn’t go over good enough – or they are just trying to stay one step ahead of the postmaster general.

cordyceps micro pills mushroom image

Cordyceps are a well known health supplement and not in short supply.

It seems that from some of the comments on this site (at the end of the Cordyceps article) that people either aren’t getting what they ordered or if they do receive something that the pills don’t work at all. (guys are still getting promotions for the Cordyceps product as of January 2014)

An Old Trick

This type of marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  If a product doesn’t sell well – or if it does, but you are selling snake oil (re. scamming people) and you are concerned that the authorities are going to catch up with you then just change the label on the product and use a new mailing address!

Dr. Mark (Marc) Normandie Is That You?

I’ll let you look this guy up yourself.  The only search result that comes up with someone with this name will point you to my above mentioned review of the Cordyceps product.  He appears to be a completely fake (made up) personality.

If The Doctor Is Fake, What Else Is Fake About This Product?

Take some time and do a web search for the other things they mention – see if they are true.  The 2013 Male Potency Symposium in Paris France?  Doesn’t exist.  Shall I go on?  I think you get the picture.

Should You Buy From A Company That Lies To You?

Hey… we are all adults here.  You can do what you want.  There’s another company similar to this telling lots of lies to – check out my review on HTL Performance Health Solutions – Here.

I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Good Luck Out There,

Victor Mayfield

p.s. I recommend you deal with a proven company with a proven product such as VigRx Plus - They’ve been around a long time – You can also check out any of the products advertised on this website – I have thoroughly vetted them – You can trust them – You will get what you order.

I can’t say for sure that any particular product will work for you because there isn’t any one thing that works for all guys, just be aware of the stated money back guarantees.  Some companies give you more time than others to return the product if you find it’s not right for you.

You can check out VigRx Plus by clicking the banner just below.

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