Figured I’d do a quick review of this “new” Oyster + male enhancement product.

In investigating the claims made in the Oyster plus product literature put out by the Australian Health and Natural Research Team I came across some discrepancies and figured I’d note what I found.

  • The Australian Health and Natural Research Team, which sounds like a company that is based in Australia is actually a company based out of Pinellas Park, Florida.  In the USA!
  • Doctor Heath Barry, the “Director” of the above company does not come up in any internet search.  As a matter of fact, the company itself has no information listed on the internet about it other than a less than stellar BBB rating.
  • I could not find anything about the other doctor by the name of Stephen Morrow either.  There are doctors by that name, but none that I could link to the company or the product.
  • On the front of the brochure it show a guy and lady talking about their “capsule of the week”, but it turns out that this is not a male enhancement capsule or pill, it is some sort of transdermal patch that you affix to your skin.  In the picture is appears that the guy is holding a pill though.  That’s weird.
  • They claim that the product is all natural, and it very well may be, but in an internet search I discovered that a product that went by the same name was banned in certain countries because it had Tadalafil in it.  That’s the same stuff in some of the prescription medications for erectile dysfunction.  Check out the Health Canada Alert.  I don’t know if this is the same product, it probably is not, but it is an unfortunate similarity that makes me unsure of this product.
  • There is another product by the same name sold in caplet or pill form by some of the leading internet health product supplement websites, but this other product is not sole as a male enhancer.
  • They make some bold claims about multiple orgasms for both men and women who use Oyster +, but I could find no independent testimonials on the internet regarding these claims.
  • The envelope that the brochure came in said “by air mail” on it, but it came regular mail, bulk rate.
  • They say that it is medically proven and scientifically tested, but provide no information on how someone could verify that claim.

There are a few more things I could mention, but these things alone make me want to stay away from this product.  The claims are too bold, and without any back up information that I can verify I can tell you that I won’t be ordering any.

For now I’ll stick with my VigRX Plus.  It does more than an adequate job for me.

What I like about VigRX is that the product has been around for years, and for every claim that they make there is verifiable proof.  Real doctors, real testimonial, and an actual double blind clinical study behind it.

If you are looking for something natural to boost your libido you might want to check it out.  It’s not cheap, but for something that actually works and won’t harm your health I think it is more than worth the price.

They even provide quite a few free things depending on what package you order.  Click the banner below to check VigRX Plus out for yourself.  Victor Mayfield.

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