People who have received a “newspaper” ad for Extreme Fx Sublingual Spray are wondering about it and so am I.

I just received one of these “newspapers” too – mailed to me in an envelope no less.  My review is below. December 2013.

Does Extreme FX Sub Lingual Spray Work?

First off – I couldn’t find anything on the internet about this product – or even that the company “Divine Horizon’s”

sub lingual sex spray image

There is some science behind how sub lingual medicine gets into the body, but nothing out there about the Extreme FX sex spray being effective in boosting the libido.

There is a company called Divine Horizon (without the (s) on the end) that has been sending out promotional literature for male enhancement products for quite some time.

Bree Olson (the porn starlet) is associated with them and I have done several reviews about their products – lots of negative comments by the way.

Here’s a link to my latest review of their latest product – links to my other reviews about their products are within the article.  See:

Any science behind sub lingual sprays?

When in doubt and in search for specific information on things of this matter I head over to Wikipedia.  I did a search over there – Here’s the link:

Turns out there are some products (medicines) that are being used in this manner – but I could not find any specific listing for the science behind how they work.  Only that there are some medicines being used to deliver the dose to the body in this way.

It makes sense that the body can more readily absorb the ingredients in the product in this way – but as of yet I can’t find anything about male or female enhancement herbs and products having any success in the way the promotion for Extreme FX seems to suggest.

Any Testimonials From Happy Users?

The only comments or testimonials about this sublingual spray that I could find was in the promotional newspaper itself.  After reading them it makes one almost want to buy the product doesn’t it?  If you read them closely though they seem like the kind of comments that are all made up.

With the lack of any info out there otherwise on this company and their Extreme FX Sub Lingual sex spray I recommend you hold off ordering before more evidence that it works comes in.

Other Connections

There is a website at that sells the product in addition to another product called Pro Max Mints which I did a review on – it all looks a bit sketchy and the website is not something I would trust to order a product from.

Any Real Testimonials?

If anybody has dealt with this company – and this product – please make a comment below.  There are plenty of people wondering if it can be trusted.

Take care out there…

Victor Mayfield


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