Figured I’d do a review on the latest product that Bree is pimping… Mammoth Patches.

I gotta hand it to that Hollywood (adult film) starlet Bree Olsen.  She’s busy again promoting a new male enhancement product: a transdermal skin patch called Mammoth Patches.

image of bree olsenFirst it was Nitroxin.  See my review and all the comments and testimonials (or lack thereof) Here.  (plenty of negative comments at the end of the article from people who dealt with the company and the product)

Next she put her name on a pheromone spray product.  I did a review about it Here.  (more negative comments about that one too)

Are Mammoth Patches For Male Enhancement Legitimate?

Now Bree is promoting (pimping?) a transdermal patch.  Is there any legitimacy to these things?

Most people have heard of nicotine patches that are supposed to help eliminate your cravings for cigarettes.  That’s what a transdermal patch is.  The transdermal patches that Bree is promoting is supposed to work the same way.

Do Transdermal Patches Work?

There is plenty of science behind the concept.  Here’s a Wiki article about how they work – if you care to check it out.  Now whether or not these Mammoth ones will work to boost your libido, boost your energy, grow your penis, or make you “screw for hours” remains to be seen.  I’m guessing probably not.  I have yet to receive one positive comment on this site from anyone who has used any of the products that Bree Olsen promotes.

Are These Patches A Scam?

I won’t say they are a scam.  There are some proven transdermal patches for male enhancement like  Pro Enhance that have been around for quite some time and that seem to work for some guys.

Any Real Testimonials?

I’d like to hear from anyone who has had a good experience with these Mammoth Patches that Miss Olsen is promoting – You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below.