Got a solicitation iabout Sexxrevolution Pheromone Releaser the other day – this one from “Natasha” who is apparently from Kournikova Natural Resources.

Sexxrevolution Pheromone Sex Releaser Review

I say apparently because there is nothing anywhere on the web about this girl, her product, the company selling the product all hiding behind a PO Box 1016 in New York.

And this guy “Michael Douglas”? Nothing about him either.

The company claims to offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not able to “score with beautiful women” when using the product – but tell me something…  how are you going to get your money back?  Call them?  They provide no phone number!

I know – Go to their website?  They don’t have one!  Oh that’s right – just write them a letter to the PO box address on the order form, they’ll get your refund check right out to you.  Sure.  Go for it.

These guys don’t even take the time to tell you that they have discovered some sort of secret chemical recipe, or that they have a team of crack chemists working around the clock, or some other lies like most of these scam like male enhancement product providers do.


Take a look at another sex releaser spray product review I did a while back – similar claims, different company.  At least they used a “celebrity endorsement” by Bree O. to try and hawk the product. No reports on whether or not it works though.

Take care out there.

Victor Mayfield

p.s.  If you want some good info about Pheremones and how they work in the animal kingdom, take a look at the this article over on Wikipedia.