I had to do this Vigorax “pure power” male enhancer capsules review after receiving their promotional literature in the mail.

After looking over the brochure and at all of the incredible pictures of what I can expect after taking just a few of these pills or capsules I decided to dig a little bit deeper into this company, their product, and especially the wild claims they make.

I always chuckle a little bit when a company provides a ruler for me to measure my member.  I guess that is supposed to make me think that they have so much faith in their libido enhancer and penis growth hormone or whatever that they are not shy about having me take a “before and after” measurement.

I did notice the address provided on the outside of the envelope is from Marina del Rey, California.  What this makes me think is that this Vigorax stuff is just a relabeled version of some other male enhancement pill that did not work.  It’s the same town that the Phero Game pills are promoted from.  The claims that they make are similar too.

When a product is being promoted with claims like “proven to work no matter what”, and “get an erection in minutes”, you can pretty much know that is probably some sort of scam and the company won’t be around long enough for you to get your money back by the time you realize that you’ve been rooked.

Am I really supposed to believe that if I take just “one small capsule a day” my penis is going to grow 4″ longer after just 34 days?  Really?  Sheesh!  Now I have really heard it all.

Well… not really.

Apparently I am supposed to believe this because the person who wrote the letter claims to be the Research and Development Director of a large Swiss laboratory.  They don’t say which laboratory or even what this person’s name is!

I am not feeling very confident at this point.  Apparently this highly powerful aphrodisiac has been developed in strict laboratory condition from natural extracts, but they won’t tell me what’s in it.  That’s a secret!  Great.  Now I am going to spend my hard earned money for something that might make me sick, or give me hives, or otherwise make my life miserable because I am allergic to it or something.  No thanks.

I am going to stay away from this product.  If anyone has gotten the kind of results that VIGORAX claims a man (or woman) can get by taking it please comment below.

It all seems so familiar.  Take a look at this info about Nitroxin male enhancer, and the Trivaxa review and you’ll see what I am talking about.  Hope my rant has helped enlighten you about this product.  Take care.

Victor Mayfield.

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