I recently received a promo for these CordyCeps micro pills that are supposed to be good for enhancing the libido.  Figured I’d dig into the male enhancement claims these guys make and see if anything adds up.

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Cordyceps are a well known health supplement and not in short supply.

Is Dr. Marc Normandie A Real Person?

Many of the promoters of these types of products use a “Dr.” to help make it seem like they are offering a legitimate product, but alas… there is no such person listed anywhere on the internet.  And the Quantum Male Potency Foundation?  The place does not exist either.  Try looking it up yourself.

One Pill And 3+ Inches For Two Days?

If in fact this pill can do that, do you really want a 48 hour erection?  I thought not.  What a claim!  And what’s with the 10-3-48 on the product packaging?  That doesn’t even mean anything does it?

A Worm That Turns Into A Mushroom?

Wrong again.  Now Cordyceps are a well know fungi, (see this Wikipedia link – and also the mushroom expert website) but they are a parasite that burrows into caterpillars and such and feed off of them to get started growing, but it doesn’t work the way it is claimed in the mailing I received.

Does Cordyceps Work As A Libido Enhancer?

Amazingly they did get this part right.  I found several sources that list “male sexual health problems” as something that the Cordycep mushroom can help with – but there are over 400 different kinds (and counting) – and there is nothing in the literature that says these micro-pills actually do what they say they will.

Here’s a link to Web M.D. that you can read more about these amazing fungi/mushrooms.

Are Cordyceps Rare And In Short Supply?

Wrong again.  You can buy many different kinds of Cordyceps supplements and they are much, much cheaper at places like Amazon.com.  Here’s A Link to one of the most popular products.  You can get 90 capsules for around $12.00.

Most of the testimonials on Amazon talk about the supplements being an excellent immune booster, but not a libido enhancer as promoted by this company with their (seemingly) fake testimonials.

Does Cordyceps Have A Website?

Unlike a lot of other scammy type male enhancement promoters these guys do in fact have a website.  It’s out of the U.K. though, so be prepared to pay in Euros if you are thinking about buying the product over the internet.

Will I Try Cordyceps?

Too many red flags on this one for me to give it a try.  If anyone out there buys some and it actually works please leave a testimonial in the comments section below.



Victor Mayfield.


NOTE: January 2014.  See the comments below.

So What Works? Who Can I Trust?

Also… many, many guys ask me if there is anything that actually works.

What I always try to explain is that in my experience there isn’t any one thing that will work the same for everyone, but you should always deal with a company that at least has a proven money back guarantee. (not some bogus guarantee).

I can confidently recommend Vigrx Plus – although I don’t take it anymore because – and I know this sounds like a sales pitch – I don’t take it anymore because it makes me too horny.  I don’t want that all the time.

I now take Provacyl on a pretty consistent basis.  It’s easier on my stomach – and I’m not trying to jump on my wife all the time. LOL  You can read my personal review of Provacyl Here. (on my other website)