Apparently one of the latest and greatest herbal aphrodisiacs is called TIGRA.  Let me tell you what I see that is wrong with this company.

Tigra Male Enhancement Review

Whenever I get one of these male libido pill promotions in the mail I like to check out what the company states as facts in their literature.

What I found is that there is absolutely nothing in the product promotion of Tigra that I could verify.

Carlson-Wagner Research Institute?

One would think that a “Research Institute” that has been around for at least 40 years (as stated in the mailing I received) would show up when doing an internet search.  As far as I could find the place does not exist.  Even when doing a local internet search in the Portland Maine area.  Sheesh.

Doctor Maxwell Irons?

There is a picture of a “Doctor” by the name of Maxwell Irons on one of the pages.  I could find no doctor with that name after an extensive internet search.  They claim he has worked at the above noted “institute” for 40 years!  What a joke.

Tigra Ingredients

What they tell me in the mailing that I received is that they would be foolish to tell me what the product is actually made of because their competitors would steal the formula.  What a joke.  If I was a competitor I’d just order a bottle and look at the label.

I did find some info about Tigra Ingredients on some other websites, but nothing matched up between them.  One says one thing and another says another.  Makes me wonder.  It also gives me more reason to not trust this product.

Tigra Phone Number

There is a phone number listed in the literature.  It is 1-855-812-0963.  It’s just an order line.  I am publishing it here because so many people ask me for the phone numbers of these types of companies when they try and get their money back when the product doesn’t work.

Many times I hear from guys (after they read my reviews) looking for contact info on these scam type promotional companies because they never even received the product after they ordered!

Take a look at the comments below these review articles Here, and Here.  That last link is to a review I did on a product called Extreme FX.  Their address is also in South Portland, ME (Maine)  just like Tigra.  

Should You Buy Tigra Male Enhancement?

I won’t even go into the claims that this product will add 4+ inches to my manhood.  Sheesh.  Maybe they get away with saying stuff like that because if they ever get taken to court they can claim that “that is from a flaccid state”.  Okay buddy – lets go with that.

If Tigra Isn’t Any Good – Is There Something That Is?

I always advise to do business with a company that you can trust.  How does one know?  Well… if you can’t check out their claims (like I just did with Tigra) then don’t do business with them.

It’s also better to do business with companies that have been around for at least a few years and have lots of happy customers.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust I advise you check out Zenerx.

I put a banner down below.  Just click on it and you’ll be take to their site.

Take Care Out There,

Victor Mayfield

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