I’ve been meaning to do this Penestra male enhancement pills review for some time now – so here it is.

I received a full color “Mens Digest” magazine in the mail one day (it came in a plastic wrapper) and I set it aside thinking it was for some sort of new vitamin or something.  Just another piece of junk mail I thought, (and it was).

dave cummings image from Wikipedia

Dave Cummings is the only one and only thing that I could find that was true regarding the claims made in the pages of that XXX rated brochure I received in the mail.

What Is Penestra?

It turns out this brochure was full of naked men and women.  Many pictures of different people in different positions doing the hoochie coochie – if you know what I mean.

The “world’s oldest porn star” – a guy by the name of Dave Cummings is promoting Penestra as the latest greatest libido and low-t booster.

Is Anything In This Brochure True?

The only thing I could dig up that’s true on all of the outrageous claims being made in the brochure is that this guy Dave Cummings actually exists.

Dr. Renee Masch – Who’s That?

The doctor that they use in the promotion of this product does not exist. Period.

There is nothing on the entire internet that I could find on anyone with this name.  Look him up for yourself.  The only thing you’ll likely come up with is a link right back to the article you are reading right now, because as of now (January 2014) I am the only one mentioning him online.

Can You Believe It?

If the good doctor mentioned above doesn’t exist can you believe anything this company is telling you?  In my experience you can’t.

Is Penestra A Scam?

It’s too soon to say (as of January 2014) that this is another male enhancement pill scam like many I have noted on this website.  See Here, Here, and Here – (just be sure to read the comments at the end of the articles) – There’s another scam going on by a company that sells Rexbull, that one takes the cake, and you can read all of the comments at the end of my review over on my other website Here.

They also seem to be connected in some way to the Pro-Max Mints product, another shady looking “libido booster”, but I have not confirmed that.

Does Penestra Have A Website? Or An Address?

Look – This company doesn’t even have a website to sell the product.  As a matter of fact I couldn’t even find an address to order the product – There’s none listed in the brochure even though there is an order form to fill out.

Just a 1-800 number to call. I wonder if anyone who orders even receives anything?

Can You Trust This Product?

I certainly don’t trust anything being said by these guys.  I can’t find out anything about them.  When calling the 800 number the nice gal couldn’t tell me either.  She was just reading a script.

As far as I know this is just a bottle of pills with a label on it.  If I ordered (and actually received something) I am quite sure – from my own personal experience, and from the many hundreds of other guys who have commented on this site about other product promotions like this – I am pretty sure there would be no one there to honor the one year guarantee as stated in the brochure.  (remember – no address listed to return the product to)

Who Can You Trust?

Maybe time will tell that you can trust Penestra, (it hasn’t so far – see the comments below) but for now I am staying away from it.  You can do what you want of course – and if you order it and it works (or not) I would appreciate a comment down below, (and so would a lot of other guys who are wondering).

Deal With A Proven Company

– What You Really Want –

There are of course companies that sell male enhancement products that have been around a long time and have products that actually work for many if not most of the guys who try them. (nothing works for everyone)  That’s why you should deal with a proven product and legitimate company that you can research online.

Check Out Vigrx Plus

– The Thing You Need –

One product that I can sincerely recommend that is helpful for many guys is the all natural Vigrx Plus.  I put a banner down below that you can click on that will take you right to their website and you can check it out and see if it is something that you feel might work for you too.

Take Care Out There,

Victor Mayfield

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