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Something funny about this product?

Is It Legitimate?   Can You Trust This Company?

Received another mailing the other day.  This time it was from a company selling a product by the name of RYVALIS. ™  I am not sure why they felt the need to capitalize all of the letters in the name, but with a little bit of investigation a couple of things stand out that do not seem quite right.

First off even though they have a well put together brochure with plenty of pictures with beautiful women acting amazed and surprised by the (apparent) increase in manhood of their guy who evidently has taken this product they do not state that this is an all natural product.

Amazingly they do not even suggest what the ingredients are!

They claim that Ryvalis ™ stimulates the production of nitric oxide, but do not tell how that is done.

They do not suggest it is safe.  They only say that you will get “results from the very first use”.  They do have a one year money back guarantee though, but how good is that if the company does not manage to stay around that long?

They do have a website unlike a lot of the other companies that send out these mailings though.  Not much more information on there to answer any questions though and when I re-visited recently there was a notice that it was “under construction”.

All of this and more from a company that claims more than 1.2 million men now use Ryvalis. ™  Really?  Doesn’t it seem like there would be more information and positive feedback from people if that was really the case?

Another thing is when I tried to find some information about the guy in the brochure listed as “Paul Peterson, President and Formulator” by doing an internet search I could not come up with anything even in the first several pages of search results.  Another red flag don’t you think?

Now I have not tried this product and I am not saying that it does not work and will not work as they claim, but there are too many caution lights going off in my brain to even get me to think about trying it.

If you have tried this product and can provide some feedback to others who are thinking about using it please comment below.

In the meantime I think I’ll stick with what I know works. I found a product that actually has some science behind it and is endorsed by real doctors, not some made up guy with a white coat on.  That product is VigRX Plus.

There is an actual published scientific report about VigRX (which contains all natural herbs for male enhancement) that shows equal or better results than the high priced prescriptions medications.

It goes without saying that as long as you don’t have any allergies to the natural herbs within the product that you shouldn’t expect any of the potential nasty side effects of some of the chemically based prescription medications.

VigRX Plus has been in business for many years and has more real testimonials about their products than any other company out there that I know of.

Click on the banner below and you’ll get to their main page and you can check out all of the pricing, read all of the testimonials and even see the complete study that was done.

I don’t mind paying a little more for something if I know that it works and this product is no exception to that rule.

I have to say that of everything else I have tried nothing even comes close to what VigRX has done for me. Check it out. They even offer quite a few freebies depending on what package you decide on.  — Victor Mayfield

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