Looks like Bree Olson is up to her old (or new?) tricks now pumping this new product called Sex Releaser by Divine Horizon.

If you are looking for my Extreme Fx Sub Lingual Sex Spray Review Click Here.

It wasn’t too long ago that she was (and perhaps still is) promoting a product called Nitroxin.  The Nitroxin promo was a doozy!  I did a review of it a while back and you can read it here if you like.

image of bree olsen

Bree has lots of busines projects including lending her name to many different kinds of (alleged) libido boosting products.

A Pheromone Spray?

Anyway… this new thing she is promoting is a  – wait for it! – Pheromone Spray!  This spray is something that supposedly if a guy puts it on (like cologne) then women are going to go wild for him.

What’s A Pheromone?

Now there is plenty of information on the net about pheromones – I have even written about them a little bit – and some guys claim that they work.

In my personal experience they might help a little bit, but I’ve only tried one kind called Nexus – and I made some commentary about Pheromones in the past on my other site.  You can read my thoughts by clicking this link.

How Much Does It Cost?

I called the toll free number on the postcard I received in the mail and talked to a customer service representative.  The guy I talked to told me that they had a special deal available – 3 bottles for $148.85, free shipping, + another free bottle.

Money Back Guarantee?

I asked him that if I tried it and it didn’t work could I get my money back?  He told me they have a 90 day money back guarantee and the company would pay the return shipping.

Do They Have A Website?

He said they don’t have a website specifically for Sex Releaser by Divine Horizon, but he thought that I could find it on the Nitroxin site.  I’m going to take a look.

Nothing There!

So I took at the Nitroxin site and there was nothing on there about Bree’s new Sex Releaser.  As a matter of fact all the site was, was a couple of pictures of the pages of the brochure they send out promoting the Nitroxin product.  They have a toll free number to call if you want to order, but you can’t order anything from the site specifically.

Sheesh!  Who does business that way anymore?

Can You Trust It?

The better question is – can you trust Bree Olson?  I really don’t know the answer to that, but based on the negative comments at the end of my Nitroxin Review right on this site I’d say the product(s) she is putting her (good?) name on don’t work for the majority of guys who use them.

Will I Buy Sex Releaser by Bree Olson and Divine Horizons?

After a hard sales pitch on the phone by the Divine Horizon’s salesman – his last offer was $49.95 for one bottle, plus I had to pay the shipping – I told him I was going to think about it.

Comparable Products?

I’m not sure if Nexus really compares because the jury is still out on Bree’s new product, but many guys say that Nexus Pheromones works for them.  Here’s a link to the Nexus testimonials page. I couldn’t find any testimonials for Bree’s product.

I put a banner down below that you can click on if you want to check it out and see if it is something you feel might work for you.  It’s cheaper than Divine Horizon’s (if you buy more than one bottle – otherwise it’s the same – $49.95).

Victor Mayfield