Figured I’d do an Erexia review and investigation after receiving a promo for it in the mail.  They make some pretty bold and wild claims about what this transdermal patch will do for a man’s libido.

Who’s The Expert Here?

Let’s start with their expert – Professor Jackson, or is it Doctor Jackson?  In the literature it says he’s a well known doctor and that he has studied male sexuality for 25 years – that’s nice – it would seem that he must know what he’s talking about.

I’m confused though, because first he says he is a doctor that works with his staff to test all new products that purport to help men with their problems, and at the end of the letter it is signed Professor Jackson.

Now I know that someone can be both a doctor and a professor, but why the confusion?  And why not tell us your first name and give us some other credentials so we can verify your claims?

Is Professor Jackson A Real Person?

Maybe you aren’t a real doctor.  Maybe you don’t really even exist!  There’s plenty of male enhancement product promotions using fake experts.  Most (but not all) of the male product reviews on this site point that out.  It’s just a sneaky marketing tactic.

Wild Claims About Erexia – And The Truth

I’m always a bit irritated, and at the same time amused about the claims these product promoters make to pedal their products to the unsuspecting.  Here’s a few that stood out to me.

  • Gain Up To 5 inches! (yeah… okay – I’ll order right away!)
  • Double your width  (maybe from flaccid of course)
  • Works for 100% of those who try it. (but elsewhere in the literature it says 98.5%)
  • Transforms normal men into “sex gods”.
  • At least 3 inches longer.
  • Get it up as many times as you want for up to 6 hours straight.  (yeah – that’s what I want – LOL)
  • You will be desired by all women. (I got nothing… but, ha, ha, ha)

I’ll admit, this is pretty good marketing material.  These guys will more than likely sell a bunch of this dermal erection aid.  And it’s important to point out that I don’t think this is an outright scam as the product is being sold by and they have been around awhile, but not too many good real reviews about them or their products that I have found.

But what’s the truth? 

In my experience this is all b.s. – don’t believe any of it.  If they start out with an expert that you can’t verify actually exists then you can pretty much not believe all of the other claims being made about the product.

World Symposium On Sexuality?  Does not exist.  How could Erexia been voted the best product?  Do an internet search yourself.  See what you find.  If I am wrong let me know – I’ll make the correction.

Am I Going To Buy Erexia?

You’ve probably figured out by now that I won’t be getting Erexia.  Nothing really backs up any of the claims being made about it.  Go ahead and get some for yourself.  I’d be interested in hearing from some real people whether or not it works.  It appears in their literature that all of their testimonials are fake –  at least it looks that way to me.

Is There A Male Enhancer That I Can Trust?

Sure – There are plenty of all natural male enhancement products available that work for lots of guys.  But not everything works for everyone, and some guys can’t get results from anything – prescription based or otherwise.

There’s a couple that work great for me.

One of them that I’ve been encouraging guys to try for years is VigRX Plus, but recently I’ve settled on something that not only increases my libido, but helps in a lot of other things health wise.  That product is Provacyl.

I wrote up a pretty detailed review about it not too long ago and you can read it Here.

Do your own due diligence when thinking about buying anything that you are going to put in your body, and…

Good Luck Out There,

All the Best,

Victor Mayfield

p.s. – In the best interest of my readers who are looking for an actual dermal patch or “transdermal libido patch” with real proven results you may want to check out the Pro Enhance Patch.  It has some Real Doctors recommending it, and a lot of other information that you can verify for yourself.

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