I am doing this Nitroxin Male Sex Enhancement Supplement review because there are a few things about the promotion of this product that don’t sit well with me.

By Victor Mayfield

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Nitroxin says their product is a great libido booster, but lots of guys say it doesn’t work.

Bree Olson?

Now I gotta hand it to the little sex starlet who gives her wholehearted endorsement of the product.  Nothing like an aging porn star using her popularity to branch out into another business to try and keep the cash flowing.

After all… I am sure she knows that she isn’t getting any younger and if she wants to maintain the same standard of living she has become accustomed to in the years to come, she is going to have to do something else.

Nitroxin Review Update

 – Update: January 2013 – April 2014 – March 2015: Bree is now featured in a new 32 page brochure touting the same product.  So far we have only had one positive comment about the product and plenty of negative ones. She is also now (October 2013) promoting a transdermal patch called Mammoth Patches – follow the link for my review.

I did some research on the (newly listed in the promotional literature) medical doctors that Nitroxin is claiming endorse their product and the only one they list that seems might actually be a real person is Dr. T Schwartz from New York – but the picture I found of the guy on the internet is not the same person as shown in the literature.

Everything else I mention below in my original review from over a year ago still stands as far as I am concerned.  Lots of tricky and bogus claims – fake reviews – fake testimonials – etc.  Be careful with this one. 

Anyone who has tried Nitroxin out there?  Please leave a comment in the comments section at the end of this article.  –

Victor M.

bree olson nitroxin pictureWild Claims

One of the things that troubles me is the wild claims made about what Nitroxin will do for a guy.  Now these claims aren’t nearly as wild as some other products like Phero Game out there, but they are pretty bold.

4″ In 90 Days?  C’mon!

Claiming that a man can add 4″ of length to his penis and 2″ of girth in just 90 days just by taking a male enhancement product is too much to swallow.  Now, I am not denying that Nitroxin is an all natural sexual enhancement supplement, it may very well be, but after making that claim in the promotional literature they don’t back it up by telling me what the ingredients are.

What if it turns out that I am allergic to the product?  It sure would be nice to know what’s in it beforehand so I don’t waste my time ordering it before finding that out.

Why The DVD’s?

Another thing that troubles me is that this company is giving away some free DVD’s in order to coerce me into trying it.  If it really does work as good as they say it does, why would I need porn to help me get it up?

Charlie?  Is That You?

I also wonder if Charlie Sheen allowed his likeness to be used on the back page of the promotional brochure.

NOTE:  April 2014 brochure has actual pictures of Charlie – In the first promotions they only “kind of suggested” it was him.

(NOTE:  Some of these particular comment are regarding the original Nitroxin promotional brochure from way back in 2013)

I am guessing not because they have a guy who they can claim that only looks like him if he decides to sue.  I am not sure about all that though.  Just a guess.  Either way it just seems a bit weird to me.

I also wonder why the the Nitroxin bottle in the porn star’s hand seems to be photoshopped into the picture.  Is that so they can use the same picture for the promotion of a different product in the future if this one doesn’t sell as well as they like?

All of this stuff seems more than a bit quirky to me.  I do understand that it is important to advertise a product in order to let people know about it, but going about it in this way really turns me off.

Nitroxin Testimonials?

I also did some internet research to see if there were any testimonials from other people about Nitroxin and I could not find anything.  It seems they don’t even have their own website.

This product is too new for me to make an order for it.  They do offer what seems to be a good guarantee, but what good is the guarantee if they are not around long enough to give me my money back if I do try it?  (see comments from actual customers at the end of this article)


What Is Proven To Work?

I am going to leave the jury out on Nitroxin and stay with something that I know works.

I have been using VigRX Plus for quite awhile now and feel that it does more than an adequate job of doing what it is supposed to do.  I also feel comfortable knowing that there is all kinds of real research, not just wild claims behind the product.

Natural Male Enhancement With Clinical Study Proving It Works For Most Men.

When an all natural male enhancement product like VigRX Plus has a certified clinical study behind it and many testimonials from happy customers that I can verify I feel confident in knowing that it will most likely work well for me.  And it does.

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I recommend you check it out by clicking on the banner below and see if you feel that it can do the same for you as it does for me.  Victor Mayfield

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