Just received this MaxCord 3 male enhancement solicitation in the mail.  I thought it looked familiar, and it was.  It’s the exact same promotion for another product I did a review on called CordyCeps Micro Pill.

Is MaxCord 3 Actually CordyCeps Micro Pills?

It appears that the original name of the product didn’t go over good enough – or they are just trying to stay one step ahead of the postmaster general.

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Cordyceps are a well known health supplement and not in short supply.

It seems that from some of the comments on this site (at the end of the Cordyceps article) that people either aren’t getting what they ordered or if they do receive something that the pills don’t work at all. (guys are still getting promotions for the Cordyceps product as of January 2014)

An Old Trick

This type of marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book.  If a product doesn’t sell well – or if it does, but you are selling snake oil (re. scamming people) and you are concerned that the authorities are going to catch up with you then just change the label on the product and use a new mailing address!

Dr. Mark (Marc) Normandie Is That You?

I’ll let you look this guy up yourself.  The only search result that comes up with someone with this name will point you to my above mentioned review of the Cordyceps product.  He appears to be a completely fake (made up) personality.

If The Doctor Is Fake, What Else Is Fake About This Product?

Take some time and do a web search for the other things they mention – see if they are true.  The 2013 Male Potency Symposium in Paris France?  Doesn’t exist.  Shall I go on?  I think you get the picture.

Should You Buy From A Company That Lies To You?

Hey… we are all adults here.  You can do what you want.  There’s another company similar to this telling lots of lies to – check out my review on HTL Performance Health Solutions – Here.

I’m just pointing out the obvious.

Good Luck Out There,

Victor Mayfield

p.s. I recommend you deal with a proven company with a proven product such as VigRx Plus They’ve been around a long time – You can also check out any of the products advertised on this website – I have thoroughly vetted them – You can trust them – You will get what you order.

I can’t say for sure that any particular product will work for you because there isn’t any one thing that works for all guys, just be aware of the stated money back guarantees.  Some companies give you more time than others to return the product if you find it’s not right for you.

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