When checking out a new product and doing a review on something such as these AFArejuvi caps I heard about by way of getting something in the mailunsolicited no less – I always like to do my research.



Update: From Victor Mayfield – November 2014

Re:  Email I received from a customer burned by this company – See Below.


Hello Victor,
I wish I would have looked your web site up before ordering the capsules.
I ordered in October of this year 5 bottles plus 1  free bottle in the
amount of $ 123,- plus shipping.

Received the capsules and noticed the ingredients are sardines, anchovies
and sodium. Cheap ingredients and no  healing properties.

Since I am allergic to seafood I did return them. My husband called the
company for a return authorization and we sent it back immediately.

I had paid with a check and was told I would receive a check for my returned
order since they guarantee a return for any reason and a prompt refund for
the returned product.

I never received a check. We called the number on the brochure and were told
[machine] that this product is no longer available.

Just thought you might be interested.

Keep up the good work.


[Mrs.] Edie S. Nelson


My review continued below.  DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT FROM THIS COMPANY.  You should check out a product called Ultra H-3 from UNI KEY Health Systems  – Victor M.


I always encourage people to do their due diligence about anything they buyeven about things that I recommend, so it makes sense that I follow my own advice.

Like any good product reviewer I take a look at the facts as presented to me and dig a little deeper.

Do These Experts Exist?

lake zell

They say that Lake Zell is the only place where AFA flourishes – but that’s not true either.

In the mailing I received about these AFArejuvi.caps (weird name don’t you think?) the European Capsotherapy Laboratory puts a guy by the name of Professor Christopher Bordeleau forth as their expert.

Apparently he’s supposed to be the Scientific Director of the company.

They also mention a Professor Laurence Hosti, who is supposed to be a geneticist at the University of Lyon, in France.

I would expect that it would be easy to find some sort of information about these guys, but alas, there is none.

That’s Right!  No information whatsoever.  I could find nothing out about these supposedly famous people!

That’s a big red flag – Is this some sort of Scam?

What little info I could find on the internet about this company points in every regard to this being some sort of scam or fraudulent product.

There are a couple of question and answer boards online where people have asked about the product, and the few answers I could find point to this product and company being just like a lot of the male enhancement scams going around – and which I have written extensively about on this site and others.

Now I’m not saying that if you order some of this afarejuvi stuff you won’t get it, but what I am saying is that I’d be very cautious about it.

They make some pretty big claims about what the stuff will do for you – they even mention some studies that have proven the efficacy of the product – but they fail to mention what studies and where they were published.  Very Fishy.

Can You Call The Company – What Are the Ingredients?

The brochure I received in the mail had a phone number listed to order the product – but it is just an order line.  When I called, the lady who answered didn’t even pronounce the name of the company correctly, and verified that she was in fact just an order taker.

She could not provide me with any information about the product – the people behind it – OR EVEN THE INGREDIENTS!

That’s one thing that is curiously missing from the literature.  No ingredients listed about what is in the stuff, save for the mention that it is some sort of micro nutrients and minerals or algae from a lake high in the Austrian Alps.  The name of the lake is Lake Zell.  Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about it.

I was hoping to see something about these miraculous waters and the life giving –  stem cell regenerating properties of it, but alas… nothing there.  Hmmm.

Is This All Made Up?

Based on my research in the past about this kind of advertising I would have to say that most everything in the AFArejuvi.caps brochure is completely made up. 

Not a shred of truth to it. 

The testimonials are made up – the Professors, Doctors, etc. are figments of some slick copywriters imagination.  Even the European Capsotherapy Laboratory is made up.  This lab only exists in name only.  A company name with a mailing address on 500 Bic Drive, Milford, Connecticut.

What’s their Website address?

These guys don’t even have their own website.  Don’t you thing that if a product with the life enhancing and disease healing properties such as they claim this product has would at least have their own website?

If you do a search for the product online – or the company directors and such all you pretty much come up with in the search results is SeaCoast vitamins.

The thing is – Seacoast doesn’t even sell the product. 

They just have some spammy computer generated text above their ads and their own products to draw the searchers in.  It makes me wonder if Seacoast is behind all of this.  I don’t know – it just seems weird to me.

Would I Order AFArejuvi.Caps?

I’m certainly staying away from this stuff.  If they can’t tell me what the ingredients are, how am I supposed to know if I might be allergic to it?

If I can’t verify the people behind it and the claims they make with a simple internet search then I certainly am not going to throw caution to the wind and order it.  It could be toxic for all I know.

Is It Really That Good?

If this stuff was as good as they say it is, they’d be all over the internet.  You’d be able to find real testimonials from real people.  People would be talking about it on blogs, and on the various health forums, etc.

If anyone has ordered it and had good results, I’d like to hear about them.  You can make a comment in the form below.  I’ll reserve absolute judgement for now, but I don’t have a good feeling about what I see in the promo literature I received in the mail.  I even noticed several spelling mistakes – one on the cover of the envelope.  Very amateurish.

The lady on the order line gave me a “customer service” phone number for the company, but when I called no one answered.  Very weird.  I’ll keep trying and see if I can get any more information for those who are interested.

If Afarejuvi Isn’t Any Good Is There A Proven Product That Works?

In my investigations and even personal use of certain products I occasionally find something that actually works.  One that I came across not too long ago is called Ultra H-3 and it has lots of benefits including anti aging properties.

You can do a search for Ultra H-3 on Unikey Health’s website.  Lots of science behind it.  Turns out that it has been around a very long time and many people swear by it, including me.  Check it out.

Take care out there.

Victor Mayfield

p.s. –  I also looked up Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on Wikipedia.  This is the “unique nutrient” they claim only flourishes in Lake Zell.  That’s not true either.  Check it out for yourself.

p.s.s. – Oh, and the International Commission on Public Health? The ICPH as mentioned in the AFArejuvi.caps literature?  That place isn’t real either.

Please – If I am wrong on anything mentioned above – somebody correct me.  I will admit my mistakes and make the necessary corrections.  Victor M.

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