First came Nopalea the drink, now there is Nopalea Ultra(tm) tablets for sexual enhancement. Is it any good?  I’ll give you some facts in this review and you can decide for yourself.

Nopalea Ultra tablets are being sold by a company in Marina del Ray, California.  They promote this product through the mail, and they do have a website where you can order the product, but it really is just a scanned in copy of the brochure they send to people on a mailing list that they bought from somewhere.

Many of the claims they make don’t jive with reality.

The multi color brochure they sent me in the mail is full of pictures of guys that allegedly received near instant results after taking just one of these over priced libido enhancing tablets.  I had never found proof of any male enhancement product, natural or prescription that could do that so I decided to do some research on this Nopalea cactus stuff.

First off, Nopalea is in fact a legitimate product.  There are many different companies that sell it in different forms.  But I could find absolutely no information on the internet where anyone claimed that it helped with their sex life.  It has been used for years as a pain reliever, and way back in the 1600’s sailors were eating it… to help prevent Scurvy.  You know… that disease you get if you don’t eat enough fruit and veggies?

The next thing I did was an internet search for the doctor by the name of Timothy Crossman.  This alleged doctor is pictured in one of the brochures touting the benefits of the product.  I did find a Doctor by that name, but he is a cosmetic surgeon.  The only thing I can assume is that the company promoting this product made him up!  This is very much similar to the promotional tactics of another product called Trivaxa.

At this point I am feeling like this Nopalea Ultra libido enhancer is a scam, but I press on.

They claim that the cactus this sexual enhancer for men and women only grows in a specific region of South America.  From the research I did, it appears that it grows all over the place.  In many different countries!

If the product is so good, why do they need to lie about it?

From all of the other research I did regarding their claims, nothing adds up.

If taking just one of these tablets makes any man able to “perform for hours” why do they give you a “cock ring” for free?  If it was as good as they say it is, it seems you wouldn’t need an additional sexual accessory to help you keep it up, doesn’t it?

Now I have no idea whether or not this “secret formula” will help me to enhance my sexual prowess.  I have not tried it.  But one thing I can tell you is that I won’t be trying it.  If the company behind a product has to outright lie in order to get me to buy something I figure there is either something wrong with the product, or it won’t work as stated.

So in wrapping up this Nopalea Ultra(tm) sexual enhancement formula review I would tell anyone who is thinking about spending their hard earned money to at least wait and see if any actual testimonials that you can verify turn up on the internet.  There is nothing yet.

If you are looking for a genuine all natural male enhancement pill I recommend you check out VigRX Plus instead. 

VigRX has been available for quite a few years, and not only has hundreds of happy users, they also have a double blind clinical study behind them.  This study was performed by real doctors, (verifiable) and showed that it was as good, or nearly as good as the leading erectile dysfunction prescription product Viagra in all categories.

The nice thing about VigRX Plus is that you can not only check everything out on their website (I put a banner down below that you can click on to go right there), you can also find literally hundreds of other testimonials on other sites and forums independent of the ones they show you on their site.

I personally have not found a better all natural male enhancer than VigRX Plus. (and I’ve tried quite a few).  The other nice thing about it is that if you find that it doesn’t work for you, they have a real easy money back guarantee that you can trust they will back up.  They haven’t been around for so many years because they conned people out of their money like a lot of these other “here today, and gone tomorrow” companies.

Click on the banner below and you’ll get to their main page and you can check out the pricing, read more testimonials than anyone could ever care to, and even see the complete results of clinical study that was done.

I have no trouble paying a little bit more for a product that I know works.  They even offer quite a few freebies depending on the package you choose.  Check them out.

Victor Mayfield