Not really sure why the company that promotes Oxyrect male enhancement pills through the mail seems to tell so many lies to promote their product.

Maybe it’s because they really don’t have a product that actually works to boost a man’s libido.  I’m not sure, but after doing a bit of internet research regarding their claims the one thing I do know is that I would never order or try the product, and I’ll tell you why in this Oxyrect review.

Does Oxyrect have a website?

The first thing I did was a search for information about the product using the top two internet search engines.  This Oxyrect company does not even have a website!  I figured I’d cut them a little bit of slack because this is obviously a brand new product and maybe they have not gotten around to putting one up yet.

What about the Chicago Research Institute?

The next thing I checked out was the guy the promotional literature claims is the founder of the Chicago Research Institute.  This “doctor” Harold Rothstein.  Now if you do a search for any doctor that you know they are sure to come up in the first couple of pages of your search results, but this alleged “doctor” seems to not even exist!

And the Chicago Research Institute?  That place does not exist either!  This sound very much like the alleged Beverly Hills Research Institute that makes the Proalus male enhancement product.

It seems that this person and his institute are a fabrication to make those reading the promotional literature about Oxyrect seem legitimate.   If they do in fact exist and are not just a figment of the imagination I could not find them.  That scares me.

The brochure promoting the product has more pictures of erect male members than any in the recent past that I have seen.  I suppose they do that to help make you think that these guys got those results from taking a product that seems to have been around for only a couple of weeks or so.  Yeah right.  I am starting to understand now.

The next thing I did was see if I could find the other people who they say are on the staff of this company.  That’s right.  Same results.  They all seem to be made up.

Another thing they don’t tell you is what the ingredients of Oxyrext are.  How is a person to know if it is safe to ingest if they don’t know what is in the product?

Is Oxyrect really the best selling male sex enhancer?

I won’t even go into all of the wild claims they make of the size and performance gains their alleged male enhancement pills are supposed to give you.  They do claim that Oxyrect has become the world’s best selling all natural male sex pill.  Ha, Ha.  I am pretty sure if that was even close to true you’d be able to find some information about it on the internet.  Even if it was in the top twenty.  Don’t you think?

If you are reading this then you probably had your own suspicions about this product.  There is enough seemingly false information in the Oxyrect brochure that I could write another five hundred words, but this is enough to make most anyone shy away from this product.

Is there a trustworthy all natural male enhancer?

If you are looking for a proven, real, all natural male enhancement product that has been around for a long time I recommend you check out the VigRX Plus review on the Herbs and Natural Enhancement site.  You can get real, legitimate information there about a variety of different libido enhancing products that actually work.

Alternatively you can just click on the banner down below and go directly to the VigRX Plus main website.  From there you can check out all of the different packages, read other user testimonials, listen to actual doctors talk about the benefits of the product, and even read the entire clinical study that was done proving the efficacy of this all natural male enhancer vs. the leading prescription brand.


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