In this Proalus male enhancement review I am going to point out some problems I found when I did some internet research and found some troubling facts about the claims this Beverly Hills Research Center makes.

By: Victor Mayfield

Whenever I get one of these libido enhancer product brochures in the mail I like to check things out, that’s just the kind of guy I am.

The first thing I did was a Google maps search for their address at 256 South Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, California.  In the beautiful multi-color brochure they sent it shows a gorgeous 3 story building which they purport to be their “research facility”.

This building does not exist at that address! Look it up yourself.

Proalus and Prialus male enhancer

The Proalus packaging looks pretty much the same as Prialus to me.

The second thing about this product is that it appears to be just a repackaged supplement that used to be call “Prialus”. They just changed the “I” to an “O” in the name. What? The first promotion didn’t go over so well, so you renamed it?

And the Proalus Erection Enhancer Cream is more than likely just Viarex, which you can find a review of on this site.  It is the same company, judging from their web address.

There are many more issues I have with this sort of promotion, but I won’t go into all of them as my Proalus review would run into the thousands of words.

These sorts of devious practices and misleading information tells me to not trust this company or their product.

Now I don’t know if the product works or not.  I have not tried it.  Nor will I try it.  Until they get their facts straight I’d stay away from them if I were you.

If Prialus is a scam is there something I can trust?

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