viarex male enhancement cream

What's up with this product?

The latest mailing from ViareX is a real beauty.  The company that sells this supposed male enhancement product goes by the name of Viarex Labs with a mailing address in Newhall, California.   They say that 11,000 men have already tried it.  What they do not say is that any of these guys have actually been helped by it save for one tiny testimony in their literature.

This alleged male enhancement cream is touted by them to be a 100% natural cure, but they do not say it is a “cure” for anything specifically.

It says “scientifically approved formula” on the front page of their brochure, but they provide no proof of who or what scientist or lab “approved” this formula.  It may sound genuine, but if you want to see some actual scientific evidence and clinical studies of an all natural male enhancement product then you need to check out the recent clinical study about VigRX Plus.

I know I certainly feel more comfortable buying a product from a company that is willing to spend the money and actually publish the results of a clinical study about their own product.

It is interesting to note that this “ViareX” product name is actually very close to the name of one of the top selling male enhancement products like VigRX.  I wonder if they named it that to take advantage of the popularity of a well known product and perhaps even confuse?
Perhaps this is the same company that was selling a product by the name of Vigarex. Tricky huh?

This sort of promotional hype really irks me.  ViareX is also touted as a “plant based cream” and a “100% natural formula” in the company literature, but they give no indication of what these “plants” are or where they come from.  Why not? 

That is a real big red flag to me.

Another thing… they do have a “Risk Free Trial” that sounds real comforting when you read those words, but when you read the fine print they tell you that if you are not satisfied with it you have to “inform us by letter” in order to get your money back. Hmmm….  who does business like that anymore?

Apparently they have been selling this stuff for at least a couple of years as there are complaints about the company dated from 2009 over at the Rip-Off Report site.

While I am always on the lookout for new and better products to use that can enhance my life this is one that I do not even need to try.  For now I am sticking with VigRX Plus and this is a pill type male enhancement product. This is one that has stood the test of time for me and from everything I can gather an incredible amount of other guys too. They have lots of testimonials . The company that sells it also sells Extenze which I got pretty good results from and is a pretty popular product too, but like I said the VigrX Plus seems to work best for me.  I just find that I have to stop taking it for five or six days every now and then for the best results.

In the Male Enhancement Cream category Maxoderm is truly the industry standard.    Maxoderm™ has been featured in Playboy™, Maxim™, and Men’s Health™ and you can look it all up on the internet. You can also find real people (not paid spokespersons) who talk about the benefits of the product.  Does it work for everyone? No.  Nothing does.  But you won’t have any trouble getting your money back from them it it does not work for you.

Hope this commentary helps.

Victor Mayfield