Figured I’d do a review of Phytalife Caps after one of my readers mentioned that she was trying to get in touch with the company that sells Afarejuvi Caps.   Turns out they are the same company. You can read my Afarejuvi review here.

Is this the same product with a different name?

The thing that kept coming up when I was doing internet research on Phytalife is many people asking questions, but not really a lot of answers.  There are some Question & Answer type sites – and some apparent professionals saying that it is all a scam – and another site where people are trying to get their money back from the company with no apparent luck.

None of This Adds Up To Anything Good At This Point

Why don’t you compare your Phytalife literature and promotional materials and see if it looks the same as Afarejuvi.caps – You can read my (pretty long) review of that product HERE.  It looks like they are using the name European Capsotherapy Laboratory in their promos too – that place doesn’t exist for real as far as I can tell.  I noted that in my afarejuvi review too.

Do your own due diligence before ordering the product.  Any product.

Any Trusted Life Enhancing Products In This Category?

I’ve recently started recommending that people check out Ultra H-3 at Unikey Health.

I started taking it a month or so ago and already feel a lot better in many ways.  It’s been around a long time – has lots of happy user testimonials – and you can buy it from Unikey Health. Unikey has a great website and lots of real experts that you can check out their credentials without any problem.

I like doing business with a company that I can trust.  Unikey Health has many natural life enhancing products – the prices are good – and they ship real fast too. 

Take care out there.

Victor M.