GHX Cycle

Will this product help you keep her happy?

A product that goes by the name GHX Cycle ™ has hit the male enhancement market.  Here are a few things that trouble me about this product and company.

First thing… I have to say that the brochure that they are using to promote this libido enhancement cream through the U.S. Mail is put together very well.  I have to give them credo’s for that. 

A problem arises in my mind when I start to check out the claims they make about this product and the company behind it though.

I am only going to list a couple of things in this initial article and follow up with more facts as time permits.  The first thing that stands out to me is the claim that GHX Cycle “has been voted the BEST NEW MALE PRODUCT” by 7 different male health journals.

The problem with this statement is that they do not back it up with any proof!

Which health journals? And I can’t find anything to back up this claim on the internet either.

The second thing is that the they claim that G.H.X. stands for the doctor’s names ( Grant, Hendrix, and Xantos) who founded the company and imply that  it was founded way back in 1966. 

The thing is that when doing an internet search for any of those guys nothing comes up even in the first several pages of search results in relation to this company,  GHX Cycle comes up, but it is only the sales page for the product. 

Wouldn’t you think that if this company, the doctors behind it as well as the 7 different health journals singing its praises were all legitimate and true there would be at least a little bit of mention about it on the internet? This is a HUGE RED FLAG to me.

Now there are quite a few more points I could make about this product and the sort of promotion being done to sell it, but I won’t at this point as it all seems so familiar

Check out the articles about ViareX male enhancement cream as well as Ryvalis.  You can nearly go point by point and recognize the tricky marketing tactics.

Now I do not know if this GHX stuff works.  I have not tried it, but after being burned so many times in the past even when the company claims to have a 100% money back guarantee I got real cautious until I found a truly legitimate company with a product that truly works.

In the male enhancement cream category  Maxoderm is truly the industry standard.    Maxoderm™ has been featured in Playboy™, Maxim™, and Men’s Health™ and you can look it all up on the internet.

You can also find real people (not paid spokespersons) who talk about the benefits of the product.  Does it work for everyone? No.  Nothing does.  But you won’t have any trouble getting your money back from them it it does not work for you.

If the idea of a male enhancement cream, lotion, or oil that you have to apply and rub in does not appeal to you then I would be remiss not to mention what I have found as the best all natural herbal male enhancement formula. VigRXPlus.  

While VigRX Plus comes in a pill or tablet type form that for best results you need to take daily they also have a product similar to Maxoderm called VigRX Oil. Lots of excellent testimonials about the efficacy of that product too, and you can feel safe in knowing that they stand behind the product and that they have truly been in business for many years and won’t give you any trouble in getting your money back if you find that you don’t like the product or that it doesn’t really work for you as good as you like.

Now if this GHX Cycle product truly is as good as the company claims the truth will come out over time, but in the meantime I’d recommend you stick with industry standard products with legitimate (proven) facts and testimonial behind them.

The company behind VigRX Plus also has a whole host of other Male and Female Sexual Enhancement Products and you can find them all in their “Natural Enhancement Site”.

Click the banner below and browse around and prove to yourself what a real and legitimate company and its proven health improvement and libido enhancing products can do for you.

Thanks for listening to my opinions. Victor Mayfield

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