One of the latest male enhancement products to hit the market is U-Gain Caps. In this review I am going to state some of the problems I have with this type of promotion and marketing.

First off… U-Gain Caps claim in the literature that they send out in the mail that any man who takes them will get the strongest and fastest erection you’ve ever had within 180 seconds. Come on! The body doesn’t process anything that fast. That’s the first thing.

Next they claim that you will increase the size of your “tool” up to five inches in length. Well… There aren’t too many men who don’t get that from a flaccid state, but they aren’t saying that are they?

The problem is that they are implying that you will get an overall increase in the size of your erection by up to five inches. There isn’t anything on the planet that will do that for any man that I know of.  And I’ve tried a lot of different herbal aphrodisiacs and natural male enhancement products.

Even Levitra and Cialis as well as Viagra might make you hard as a rock and be able to go at it like a stallion, but if there truly was a pill or caplet that in fact did increase the size of your penis by that much you would have heard about it by now and the pills would probably sell for $50 each or more.

Next they claim that if you take these U-Gain Caps that you will enjoy the best orgasms of your life. I really can’t say anything about that because other natural or herbal male enhancement pills that I have taken in the past like VigRX Plus really do help to enhance the orgasmic experience.  They keep you horny as all get out too.

Next in the U Gain literature there are several testimonials.  If you look close you can tell that they most likely have been written by a marketing team because there are not any actual user names listed. Hmmmm….

At least they don’t claim that there are a whole bunch of fake doctors who developed the product like some other male enhancement scams such as GHX Cycle does.

They also seem to claim that U-Gain Caps were only available by prescription before now. They don’t actually say that, but that is another thing that is implied in the literature they send out.  I could go on and on about these tricky marketing tactics… have you seen their website?  Just a scanned order page they slapped up on the internet a month or two ago is what it looks like.

Time will tell whether or not these guys are a legitimate company. Like most they probably won’t be around in 6 months.  How are you going to get your money back from their 365 day guarantee if they are no longer in business?

If you are looking for a viable and legitimate product from a company that you can trust and that has been around for years with many, many happy users then I suggest you check out someone like VigRX Plus or Prosolution Pills. These companies have massive websites with more information about their products than you could read in two or three hours I think.

They have real doctors talking about the legitimacy of the products, they tell you exactly what is in them, and you can find the ingredients of Vigrx Plus listed on other websites too, like Herbs for Male Enhancement and such, so that tells you that others are talking about them.  Another thing you want to look for is a genuine money back guarantee. They both have that too.

The prices may be a bit higher than others, but not by a whole lot.  After all… I am willing to pay a little extra for anything in my life that actually works. Not just when it comes to enhancing my libido. I’ve put a banner down below that will take you right to the VigRX site.

And here is a little money saving hint if you decide to buy.  When you go to exit the page (before buying) you’ll get a pop up window that offers you something extra.  Sometimes it’s a free month worth of product and sometimes it is something else.  Check it out.

Victor Mayfield

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