After receiving a brochure in the mail regarding Confidex male enhancement pills I decided to do a review.

Having done plenty of male libido pill reviews in the past there are many things about the promotion of this Confidex product that make me go hmmmmmmmm…..

Have 500,000 men really tried the product and been happy with it?

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and checking out claims made by product promoters is second nature to me.  The first thing I do is a search for the product name, the “experts” or “doctors” vouching for the product and any other statements they make as though it is fact.

Let me tell you….  if a half a million men have gotten gains in the length of their penis “as much as 4 inches in 30 days” from Confidex male enhancement pills I could not find anything mentioned anywhere on the internet.

It seems to me that if there was a pill that could actually give you a “jungle sized penis” in 30 days that you could find out something about it.   No mention of it anywhere on the entire world wide web!

Another thing that seems a bit fishy to me is that the company is hiding behind a post office box in Monteno Illinois, has no website to provide information or to take orders.  It seems to me that this might be a product that will be here today and gone tomorrow.  Nothing on the internet about Bay River Labs either.  That is the name of the company on the return envelope.

I know that I have been burned in the past and so have a lot of other people from promotions like this.  Just check out all of the comments below the Rexbull male enhancement review I did a while back.

What about this Doctor Miles Gormansky PHD?

If you do an internet search for this sexology expert Dr. Gormansky like I did, (you know, the guy who is claimed in the Confidex promotional literature to have traveled the world doing research to find the best natural male enhancement herbs) you will find absolutely nothing about him.  It seems the name is made up.

If there is one thing I am sure of it is this.  Every REAL doctor is listed somewhere on the internet.  Especially one who has allegedly made a discovery of a certain combination of jungle herbs that will make your male member grow by an additional 4 inches in 30 days.  Nothing about this guy though.  A HUGE RED FLAG!  And enough for me to be certain I won’t be ordering this product.

What about the Confidex Ingredients?

The amazing thing about all of the wild claims being made about this product is that they don’t even tell you what the ingredients are!  “Just take our word for it” they seem to be saying.”  “Trust us”.  Can’t you see the great results you are going to get by all of the pictures of the huge manly men in our brochure?  Yeah right!  I trust you.

If Confidex is a fraud, is there anything that does work?

Now I don’t know that Confidex male enhancement pills won’t give you at least a little boost to your libido,  I have not tried them.  But I can tell you that I don’t trust anyone or any company that makes claims that I can’t verify.

There are some libido boosting pills that work though.  I have had great success with VigRX Plus.  VigRX has been around a long, long time, and has literally hundreds of testimonials from happy users.  You can read all about it at their website.

VigRXPlus has even done a “double blind clinical study” versus the leading prescription e.d medication and has proven that it works for the majority of men who take it.  Nothing to hide there.

You can find out more about it at their main website and a host of other sites on the web too.    Oh, and they don’t hide from you what is actually in the supplements either.  You can read about the VigRX Plus ingredients in another article I wrote over at the Natural Enhancement Products website.

To make things real easy on you I’ll put a banner just below that you can click and be taken directly to the VigRX Plus website and check it out for yourself.  Maybe it will help you get what you are looking for, maybe it won’t, but if it doesn’t they make it real easy to get your money back.  Check it out.

Victor Mayfield