I was compelled to do a review on these Ciatra male enhancer capsules.  It is very nearly unbelievable what comes across my desk these days.

Although I shouldn’t be surprised after all the time I have spent reviewing these types of products and the way they are promoted.  There must be a ton of money being made by these product promoters just by making wild and outrageous claims and taking advantage of the gullible.

Ciatra claims in their promotional literature to be able to provide you with an “immediate reaction” after just one use of these capsules.  Let me tell you folks… natural male enhancement products don’t work that way.  They take time to build up in your system.

Is Ciatra the “original solution?”

They also claim to be the “true and original solution”, but they don’t tell you what the capsules ingredients are or provide any information to back up that claim.  As far as I could tell by doing an internet search on the product is that they have been around since 2010.  Does that sound like the “original solution” to you?

A lot of the other claims in the Ciatra male enhancer capsules promotional literature don’t add up either, like where they claim that just by taking it you will get an erection lasting “many hours” no matter your age or what is causing your e.d. problems.  First off, if that was really true, do you really want your erection to last for “many hours”?  I know I don’t.

What about testimonials?

The other thing about this product is that I could not find ANY testimonials about it on the internet from happy users.  If they were the “original solution” don’t you think one could find at least ONE person out there who says it works?

This sort of promotion really irks me.  They think they can sell something just by making wild claims and filling a multi-color brochure with erotic pictures.  Obviously it works, because I keep getting this stuff in the mail.  They wouldn’t continue spending money on postage and printing if they weren’t making profit at it.

Why not get some REAL testimonials like VigRX Plus does before making wild claims that just don’t seem to hold up?

Will I Buy Ciatra?

I know I won’t be ordering this stuff.  You can make up your own mind on it, and if you do order it and it works (or not) for you I’d appreciate your comments below.

There are plenty of other proven all natural male enhancers out there that aren’t ashamed to provide you with testimonials, ingredients, and even clinical studies showing the efficacy of the product.  Pay a visit to the VigRX Plus site by clicking the banner just below and you’ll see what I mean.

Victor Mayfield

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