Alpha Male Labs is promoting a male enhancement gel through the mail called XL3 – S.  In this review I’m going to make some comments regarding the claims they make and see if everything adds up.

By: Victor Mayfield

Is XL3-S a Scam?

I’ve written about a lot of scammy type male enhancement products over the years, one of the most notable ones being Rexbull. (which is still being promoted as of early 2012)  That particular review has over two dozen comments about the product and none of them are positive.

When doing some internet research on this xl3 gel I couldn’t find any claims by anyone that the stuff works.  This is not to say that it won’t do something for you, and there is mention of it (questions) and No answers on a post about it at the website – and those go back over a year.

So my first take on it is that it probably does not work as well as is claimed in their promotional literature.

Any Experts Recommending The Product?

The second thing I do is try and look up the company expert and see if he is legitimate.

There is a guy listed (with a picture to add some legitimacy I guess) in the promotional material by the name of Professor Patrick Slate.  I could find nothing about him on the internet.  I wasn’t surprised because ALL of these type of promotions have some sort of expert and if they are truly legitimate you can find plenty of mentions across the world wide web about them.  Nothing doing there.

XLS-3 also says that the product is recommended by reputed sexologists and by top male sexual performance specialists, (porn stars?).  But they fail to mention who these people are!  Interesting.

Any Proof?

The literature of course has all kinds of pictures of massive male members attempting I suppose to suggest that you too can soon be in the “big man’s club”, but every scam type product has those without exception.

There are some interesting “testimonials” noted on one of the pages, but I never trust those.  They are too easily written by the product promotion company.

Ingredients of XLS-3?

One thing these guys have going for them is that they do in fact list the ingredients of the product.  Many of these type of products will say that they are all natural, but fail to tell you what is in them.  The ingredients they list include things like cinnamon, Melaleuca, Fenugreek, and others, but as far as I know none of these things have ever proven to make your penis grow.

4 Inches In 30 Days?

Really?  I can rub some herbs on my male member and it will grow an additional 4 inches in 30 day?  Come on!  If this product could in fact do that you and everyone else would have heard about it by now.

There is an alternative product in the men’s oil/cream/lotion category that has lots of happy customers though – that product is VigRX Oil.    Click Here to check it out.


My take on this XL3 – S Triple Action Gel is that it is just another fancy packaged product with wild claims being made about it that just won’t stand up to the test of time.  If these claims are true then you will start to be able to find more information about it from happy users at this site and others.

Is There a Male Enhancement Product That Works?

Those who follow my work know that there is a product that truly works for the majority of guys who take it. 

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VigRX has even done a double blind clinical study with outstanding results, even as compared to the leading prescription e.d. medicine.

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VigRX is not the cheapest male enhancer available to be sure, but it is far and wide the most popular all natural one because it works for the majority of guys who use it.

They don’t promise immediate results like Every One of the scam type products do, but you can be sure that you will get your money back from them if it doesn’t work for you.  (nothing works for everyone after all)

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