See the following post to read an excellent Nitrozyt review.  Are these male enhancement pills something you can trust?

By: Victor Mayfield

Whenever I see a new male enhancement product like NitroZyt I like to do a review and some investigation on whether or not the company and product is reliable, trustworthy, and whether or not I can verify any the claims that they make.

A lot of what I see in the Nitrozyt literature is similar to many of the promotions for libido pills that I have seen over the years.  I wrote an article about this sort of thing, many of them scams, and you can read about it in an article that I had published over at E-Zine Articles here.

Is It A Scam?

Now I am in no way ready to say that this particular product is a scam… yet.  Time will tell, but from the way they are promoting it, and the outrageous claims being made it reminds of Rexbull.  Check out all of the comments people have made at the end of that article.  Sheesh!

Instant Results?

NitroZyt claims that if you take their pill you will have instant results.  Results they claim that are even better than the leading prescription medications that can cause all kinds of health problems they are so potent. 

All of this from an all natural product, which by the way they don’t tell you what these natural ingredients are!  That is something that really makes me go hmmmm…

What About Dr. Richard Solomon?

The next thing I did was an internet search for this Dr. Richard Solomon, M.D.   While I found plenty of doctors by that name both in a regular search as well as an image search I could not find anything about this particular guy that had any relation to the Nitrozyte pill in question.  There was one picture that came up in the image search that kind of looked like the guy shown in the promotional literature, but I could not tell for sure.

Doesn’t it seem like if this was a solid product, and a solid company behind it that you would find something that connected the two together? 

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt at this point because the product seems to be absolutely brand new, and the doctor may not have himself established enough yet to show up on the internet. (and if this is true, then that’s probably why he is trying to make some money promoting male enhancing aphrodisiacs!)

I know, I know… that’s a lot of slack to give, but lets look at what else they claim and see if it is even remotely believable.

Fishy Pictures

Now I am looking past all of the male members pictured in the literature, which is kind of hard to do what with how many of them there are.  If you look closely you will see that the alleged before and after gains shown are not even the same guy!

As a matter of fact I don’t think I have seen so many pictures of this nature in this sort of promotion ever, but all of that being as it is they do claim that Nitrozyt will not only give you and instant erection, they also say that your penis will grow by as much as four inches in 30 days if you take this miracle pill!  Wow, I better buy some right away!

Are Your Hopes Up Yet?

All kidding aside, there is nothing that is going to do that for any man.  I know you had your hopes up for a minute there, but if such a product exists on the planet don’t you think we would have heard about it by now?   (except from all of the male enhancement product promoters of course… wink, wink)

Any Real Users Getting Results From Nitrozyt?

Look, I don’t know that this particular sex pill won’t help you get your sex drive up a little bit, maybe it will.  If anyone has had any sort of results good or bad I’d like to hear about it.  You can comment below.  

Proven And Real Products To Check Out

But if you are looking for a real and proven male enhancement pill and a company behind it that will tell you the truth then I recommend you check out Male Extra from moreniche or even the more expensive VigRX Plus

These particular products have been around a long time, and if you follow the link just above it will take you to their website where you can read testimonials from actual users over the years, see a video or two from real doctors talking about the science behind it and generally get yourself educated about what you should expect from an herbal/natural based libido pill that actually works for the majority of guys who take it.  (there isn’t anything that works for everyone that I know of, but they do have a very generous money back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you don’t get the results you want)

Virility Ex certainly isn’t the cheapest pill available, and neither is VigRX Plus but I know that I am always willing to pay more for something that gives me the results I want.  Check them out.

Victor Mayfield