I decided to take a look at this Max Pene nutritional supplement (er… male enhancement pill) after receiving some interesting stuff in the mail.


MAX PENE supplement review

MAX PENE has websites in a variety of languages, has Muira Puama extract in it, but their claims just don’t hold up.

Is anything they claim true?

Unlike many of the product reviews I do I was able to find some info about this product – but not much – and nothing good.

Who Are The Experts Behind This Product?

Who is Professor Thomas Clark?

Is he the director of the London Center for Sexual Health?

While there is in fact a place called the London Center for Sexual Health – It appears to just be a clinic – There is no one working there that goes by that name. 

As a matter of fact, when doing an internet search about them (and him) I could find no reference to this guy – or that this “center” is in any way, shape, or form, involved in the production of any sort of health supplement.

That’s a big red flag don’t you think?

What about Dr. Tony Lucas?

The literature I received says that he is an “Internationally Famous Expert On Sexology”.  That claim turns into a big laugh when you go and check it out.  There is nothing out there on this “Famous”  doctor.  The only Dr. Tony Lucas I could find anything out about is an anesthesiologist out of Arizona!

That’s another red flag.

muira puama leaf extract is used in Max Pene

Muira Puama extract is used in a variety of products, especially those for boosting the libido.

Product Claims

Now let’s get into the claims about what the product is supposed to do for a guy and what the secret ingredients are that are going to “Grow 3 Inches In 7 Days!”

The “all natural ingredient” supposedly in this stuff is Muira Puama.  The thing is this – almost every male enhancement product out there that actually works to boost the libido has this ingredient in it.

Why is Max Pene supposed to work better than all the rest?

What Works Then?

I take a male supplement called Provacyl  – and it does for me what I want, but it hasn’t made me any longer.  It does boost my libido, and it’s an all around better “male health” supplement than any I have found.  You can read my review about Provacyl Here.

Is Max Pene a legitimate product?

It appears that this product originates out of Germany as I did find some foreign websites/forums talking about it, but could find no actual “real” user testimonials.  Only questions about it and negative comments.  I had to use Google Translate to figure out what they were talking about.

No Website in English – Another Red Flag

There is a MAX PENE website in the German language (and many other languages too), but they all have the same pictures and words (in German – and others) as the English version I received in the mail.

The product is cheap enough as far as male enhancing supplements go though.  Fifty bucks for a bottle, but I suspect there is a reason it is so cheap.  It  most likely does not work.  I don’t know for sure though as I have not tried it.

Guaranteed To Work?

They do have a “money back guarantee”, but I suspect anyone would have a hard time getting their money back after suffering another disappointment with a product that does not do what they claim.

This is judging from my (and others’) experience when dealing with companies like this who make wild claims and lie about the people behind it.

NOTE: Since I first posted this review I have received a few comments regarding Max Pene (you can read them below this article).  My suspicions have been confirmed.  V.M.

Staying Away

I’m not going to buy the Max Pene supplement.  Too many unanswered questions and unsubstantiated claims.

Is there anything I trust that actually works?

As I mentioned above – I like Provacyl

Another one that works well for many guys and has been around a long, long time, with many happy users and has a generous 60 day money back guarantee is Male Extra from Impact Five.


All the best,

Victor Mayfield

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